Saturday, June 14, 2008


Thanks for visiting Satan's Jockstrap, where bad movies finally get the verbal beat-down they deserve. As you can tell, even the catch-phrases are under construction. When this blog gets going, expect to see some thorough demolitions of films ranging from big-budget sci-fi blockbusters to art house darlings to Best Picture winners at the Oscars. No one's safe, that is my sacred vow. The Ed Woods of the world have been smacked around long enough. Now, they're going to have company.

I expect that within a week or so, we'll have our first review up. Until then, feel free to send me ideas for movies that you'd like to see me take a crack at. Here are the criteria:
  • It should be on DVD and available from Netflix, both so that I can easily see it if I haven't already, and so that I can take DVD screenshots of it. If it's a movie in theaters now, I'll probably review it later on.
  • I have to DISLIKE it enough to want to talk about it here, and moreover, it has to be worthy of ridicule. So movies that simply aren't my taste won't work. Probably you won't get a sense of the movies I like to review here until I get some reviews up, of course.

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